Band of the week /// Bring Me The Horizon


Formation date: 2004

Genre: metalcore


The official birthday of Bring Me The Horizon is March 2004 when the band formed out of former members of local groups. Their first EP was released in the same year via Thirty Days Of Night Records, but already in 2005 was re-released via Visible Noise and gained BMTH a lot of attention around the UK. The debut album “Count Your Blessings” came out in 2006  and was followed by “Suicide Season” (2008) and “There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret” (2010). Bring Me The Horizon have extensively toured the UK, Europe, North America and Australia which has brought them universal acclaim.

Known for their brutal, powerful, speedy metalcore, Bring Me The Horizon offer no compromises. Their music is written to kill and impress and its loud and explosive character is not for over-too-sensitive types. The heaviness of this music grabs the listener and doesn’t let go simply because despite how heavy and furious the music is, it’s full of passion which can’t leave anyone indifferent.

2 Responses to “Band of the week /// Bring Me The Horizon”
  1. arosmannen says:

    I will check them out, i just saw they are on spotify but i am to tired to do anything but sleep right now….
    Great post!

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