Band of the week /// The Subways


Formation date: 2001

Genre: indie/alternative


The Subways started as a band in 2001 by playing covers of Nirvana and Green Day. Later they switched to playing their own music. Back then, when the band was very young, they had no money to promote their music and used DIY techniques and a small home studio to deliver their music to a wider audience. The musicians ran their own website where they put demos and songs. At a very early stage in their career, The Subways played Glastonbury Festival on the Other Stage for unsigned new bands. They were chosen among many other bands by promoters and it was their lucky ticket! Glastonbury  was followed by Reading & Leeds performances in 2004  and later on – a successful headlining tour in the UK.  After signing a record deal in 2004, The Subways released their debut album “Young For Eternity”. It was followed by “All Or Nothing” (2008) and “Money & Celebrity” (2011).

The Subways have built their success not on commercial ground, but mostly by playing quality live shows and striking audiences with their flashing, original, electrifying songs. The Subways are among those young bands who formed their individuality themselves and know exactly what they want from their sound. Bringing heaviness and occasionally screamo into their version indie, The Subways stand out and actually make a difference in the world of indie.

4 Responses to “Band of the week /// The Subways”
  1. Pete Howorth says:

    Long time no speak!

    Oh Yeah is one of my favourite songs! I remember going to the small fishing village where the rest of my family lives with this pumping out middle of the day, the looks I got ahah!

  2. thereviewer says:

    Three albums now :-O Gosh! They have gone under the radar since the indie wave surged and sank. The new single is promising (bottom) – electrifying riffs and part-screamo as you say, winning formula. Famous for their circle pits as much as anything. Is it a pre-requisite of all bands to start off playing Nirvana covers?

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