Band of the week /// Young Guns


Formation date: 2003

Genre: rock


Young Guns started their way to success in 2003 and in 2009 released their EP “Mirrors” which drew considerable attention to the young and unhackneyed band. It was followed by the release of the debut album “All Our Kings Are Dead” (2010) which proved extremely successful and brought the band total recognition and raving reviews in the UK. Now Young Guns are working at their second album some new songs off which were presented during their recent tour.

Young Guns appear to be very different from many musicians out there due to their music which is impossible to squeeze into a particular genre and which, to be honest, is not necessary at all. Deep, velvet, sometimes rough and sometimes tender vocals of Gustav Wood charm and impress. With this striking voice layered upon heavy, massive and, without any exaggeration, epic music, the Young Guns sound is the one which storms out of loudspeakers and plasters its immense power on listeners. And this wave is impossible to resist.

2 Responses to “Band of the week /// Young Guns”
  1. thereviewer says:

    Hello Rockmels 🙂

    As I was just saying to Ethan who runs Letters From The Wasteland blog – all video playing has bust on my PC and is limited to 25 seconds. I’m waiting for it to restore before I comment! I’m dying to listen to all these new bands people keep posting about, including those over at Popped Music. I’ve heard of Young Guns through friends but never physically heard their music.

    Bear with me, you will hear back soon!

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