Song Of The Day /// Glasvegas “Fuck You, It’s Over”

If there’s a necessity to tell somebody what you really think of them, it’s better to do it in the mildest way possible. But mild doesn’t mean insecure and not firm enough. Glasvegas prove it and with their song “Fuck You, It’s Over” show that hatred can be polite, intelligent and restrained  even despite the f-word and the song is nevertheless still very powerful. There’s pain that’s leaking trough each word, each line and each verse which can be clearly felt. All these emotions put together present a soulful song, which is meant to touch hearts and stir the deepest emotions.

3 Responses to “Song Of The Day /// Glasvegas “Fuck You, It’s Over””
  1. thereviewer says:

    Saw them a few years back when they were riding their debut wave. Wall of sound, hard to distinguish, very powerful with nods to Ian McCulloch of Echo & The Bunnymen. James Allan did that disappearing act didn’t he, Daddy’s Gone, oh wait he returned. Back on tour now!

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