Independent Outlook /// City Reign “Numbers For Street Names” (EP, 2011)

Manchester has always been one of the most important cities in the UK music-wise: a lot of national talents originate from Manchester and the culture of high-quality music is very developed there. City Reign is one of the best new bands on Manchester scene and the true character and charisma of the city are felt in their music to the highest extent.

November 21st saw the release of  EP “Numbers For Street Names” from City Reign via their own label Car Boot Records, which included alongside the first single “Making Plans” (which got raving reviews from Steve Lamacq on its release in 2010) and “Out In The Cold” (2011), three other tracks – “The Line”, “Sleep Easy” and “Anywhere, Anyway”.

All the five tracks present a different side of City Reign each. They can be powerful and emotional, lyrical and melodical or light and relaxed. The only thing about the EP which remains unchanged through the whole record is high quality of the music. City Reign play with structures and textures on “Numbers For Street Names” presenting alongside guitar-driven tunes varying from melancholic ballads to more dancy and lively tunes, an acoustic stripped down “Anywhere, Anytime” which closes the EP in a very colourful fashion. The whole record comes as a portion of a very atmospheric listening full of pensiveness, unlimited sincerity and spirit.

“Numbers For Street Names” presents the culmination of three years of work and it shows how City Reign have matured as a band during these years, how they have found their own identity and perfected their skills as musicians. “Numbers For Street Names” is the EP which shows City Reign’s philosophy to the full:  “to let the music and lyrics speak for the band better than anything else” and this is a vivid characteristic that their music is a real thing.

“Numbers For Street Names” is available via City Reign official website

3 Responses to “Independent Outlook /// City Reign “Numbers For Street Names” (EP, 2011)”
  1. “Making Plans” is really good. I’d say I have no idea why these guys aren’t more popular, but… maybe it’s because they’re competing with a bunch of other Manchester bands?

    At any rate, I may just have to pick up this EP. As long as shipping from the UK doesn’t double the price or something…

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