Song Feature /// Elliot Minor “Electric High”

Elliot Minor is a York based band whose sound is based on classical instrumental music with vivid pop rock flavour. The combination of a lot of various instruments in complex arrangements makes Elliot Minor’s sound sophisticated and catchy. Rich in finds and harmonies, the songs have some strong hooks and gentle power, that build up a vivid character of the band’s music.

So far Elliot Minor has released two studio albums (“Elliot Minor”, 2008 and “Solaris”, 2009) and also an acoustic album “Solaris Acoustic” (2010).

Today’s song feature is “Electric High” off the album “Solaris”, which is definitely one of the most enchanting and electrifying songs I’ve ever heard. 


2 Responses to “Song Feature /// Elliot Minor “Electric High””
  1. Pete Howorth says:

    I love Elliot Minor, I’ve seen them twice and met one of them without realizing who he was! Then I realized who he was then I was like, “I’ve just given a cigarette to Ed Minton… tight bastard!”

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