Inspiration /// Hurts “Better Than Love”

Music can inspire and there’s no doubt about it. Every song that sticks in listeners’ hearts and souls has some sort of magic power to awaken the most secret parts of mind and touch different strings of hearts.

For me Hurts are one of the bands I discover anew  every time I listen to them. Their calmness, aristocracy and sophistication never fail to charm me even after I have heard these tunes many-many times. “Better Than Love” definitely belongs to one of the most inspirational songs in my track list. Standing out among slower tunes with its pace and tempo, this track shows a great deal of confidence and firmness. The energy Hurts have put in the song is felt at its highest level and the feelings it stirs can only be described by the line “it feels better than love”.

6 Responses to “Inspiration /// Hurts “Better Than Love””
  1. Great post, great band! Well done.

  2. iamkaja says:

    There’s something special about this duo indeed. I fell in love with the first song I heard, Illuminated, and don’t fail to fall in love again with every listen. I wish I were around in the 80s!

  3. This song is pretty awesome. Has kind of an ’80s feel to it, and I love the textures.

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