Getting to know /// Naked Fridays

A young band Naked Fridays come from the Isle of Wight. They started in 2009 and by 2011 the line-up of the band had established. After that the musicians put heir time and energy into making music and the EP “Top Ten Tips To Time Travel” was released, based on the old songs the musicians had been writing over the years. Now the main focus of Naked Fridays is touring and delivering their music to audiences all over the world.

Naked Fridays offer the music which is appealing and extremely catchy which, alongside being sincere and honest, makes their tunes a very pleasant listening. Pursuing the goal to be different, stand out among other musicians and allow people to relate to their music, Naked Fridays make a firm statement of their character and determination.

Naked Fridays Facebook

2 Responses to “Getting to know /// Naked Fridays”
  1. Just checked out their Facebook; I really like “Wasteland Lullaby”, and “Area 33” is pretty good, too. Thanks!

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