Music memories /// London /// August 2011

As it’s been almost half a year  since I returned from my trip to London, I still keep on recollecting events, memories and snippets of this city, which has become a very special one for me.  I relate a lot of things to London – images, smells, feelings and, of course, music.

Saturday afternoon, cool, pleasant, sunny weather. Covent Garden. My classmate and  I have just strolled all the way from Leicester Square to one of the liveliest and exciting places in London. Being a very atmospheric place, Covent Garden has a lot to offer: shops, market, cafes and artists showing their various skills… There’s no surprise that so many people love this area and come there to relax. We got some lunch at Tesco and fruit salad at Covent Garden market and started looking for a place to sit.

There were some performances going on in different parts of the Garden and in our search of a place to sit with food, we were captured by the sounds of an acoustic guitar.  The music was so spectacular in its vibe that we couldn’t resist taking a seat on the pavement next to the musician. The tender, sweet, soft sounds of his guitar brought a really special  spirit to the whole place. The buzz seemed to slow down a little bit and even the city itself seemed to enjoy the music. The energy of the performer was filling every inch of the place and took every listener to some other parallel universe. Particularly, the sense of freedom was one of the most vividly present at that moment – freedom and some sort of bliss. Sadly, we managed to capture only the end of the performance but after it was over we chatted to the musician – Alonso – a bit and got his CD. On our way towards the Tube I clearly remember an elderly man who told me upon seeing me with Alonso’s CD: “You’re gonna enjoy the CD a lot”.  I did indeed and I still do…

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