Getting to know /// This Way Up

This Way Up is an indie band based on the Isle of Wight. The four-piece comprises Rob Henry on vocals and rhythm guitar, George Chapman on lead guitar and vocals, Ainslie Cleverdon on bass and Curt Mitchell on drums. The band already has the debut record The Game EP under their belts which release was followed by gigs – lively, energetic and captivating. The mixture of genres This Way Up present to their listeners is that of indie, reggae, traditional eclectic elements and acoustic basis. Its main attraction lies in liveliness, lightness and charismatic appeal of this unusual cocktail. Now This Way Up is planning a UK tour in April 2012 and intend to reach out to bigger audiences around the UK.

This Way Up

2 Responses to “Getting to know /// This Way Up”
  1. Just listened to “Another Night” on their Facebook page, it’s really good. Reminds me a bit of Arctic Monkeys’s earlier stuff, but slightly poppier and less… busy. The guys look really young, but they sound like they’ve been playing with each other for years.

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