Song of the day /// Yashin “Everytime”

It’s not uncommon among rockers to cover pop songs and, as it was once stated by one of rock musicians, there’s no point in covering rock songs as it’ll be just another variation of the song whereas pop songs are an absolutely different story. Have you ever wondered what a Britney Spears song might sound like  performed in hardcore style with heavy riffs, screaming and all the necessary characteristics of the genre? Well, there’s no need to wreck your imagination as you just can listen to this ace cover of “Everytime” performed by Yashin. The talented gang managed to turn this soft, sloppy song into a drama full of brutality and power. Screamo vocals, killer guitars, hammering drums together with romantic and soft lyrics. Not a bad combination, isn’t it?

Watch Yashin performing “Everytime” (live @ Glasgow O2 Academy, May 2010)


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