Band feature /// Kasabian

Band’s character and their philosophy are usually key points in how they make music and what listeners can expect to get from musicians sound-wise.

Kasabian have been following their own path in music since their formation in the late 90-s and never stepped away from it. Strong belief in themselves and assertiveness in writing music, as well as pursuing their main goal, have made Kasabian a very prominent band on British music scene.

The combination of electronica and rock, where guitars play a major part, is spiced with some element of revolution lyrics-wise. There’s an air of futurism and psychedelic strongly felt in their music, which adds up to the charisma of Kasabian’s music. 

This is how we all know and love Kasabian now. But at the beginning, while searching for their own sound identity  and trying to get acknowledgement, Kasabian have faced not one denial form record companies, who claimed that they had nothing new to bring on the music scene of the UK. However, these misfortunes stirred the musicians’ wish to rock ‘n’ roll  and  in the longer run their efforts made a lot of labels fight for signing Kasabian. But even despite considerable buzz around them, the band’s main priority was and still is the freedom of  making the music they want to.

Never wishing to hide behind non-existent and non-fitting masks, Kasabian exclude everything artificial from their music and make it as alive and real as possible. They choose not to make statements, but to ask questions in their songs, thus giving listeners things to reflect on and draw their own conclusions. One thing is certain though: all their songs are full of strongest ever human emotions.

Kasabian have always followed the principle of giving all of themselves to music only once they started making it. That’s how they feel about the band and this is the attitude which sums up Kasabian’s philosophy:

“I’m continuing this journey so I can have a laugh with my pals and on the way be as free with my music as I can be, I don’t worry about sales or number ones. I want to blow people’s minds with my music.” Sergio Pizzorno (quote courtesy of )

6 Responses to “Band feature /// Kasabian”
  1. eva6kora says:

    Oh how I love that song! Kasabian are one of the greatest bands at the present and their latest album is brilliant. I love that quote as well. It’s all about music 🙂 Thanks for the great post! 🙂

  2. thereviewer says:

    Sweet song. Such an unlikely sensation yet through the great bottleneck in guitar bands their distinct sound has profited. Good luck to the Blaby boys!

  3. I feel like Kasabian are making such huge strides with their music, and they’re on the verge of something really great, almost revolutionary. Alas, I think they’re much bigger in the U.K. than they are in the U.S., where I am. But if you ask me, all four of their albums have been good.

    “Goodbye Kiss” = best song on “Velociraptor!”. I once put that song on repeat during a 30-minute drive somewhere. It’s too good.

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