Featured song /// Friendly Fires “Strangelove”

One of my latest discoveries on the British scene is a Hertfordshire-based alternative/dance outfit Friendly Fires. The way I got into the band was rather unexpected – I was watching TV and saw this incredibly stylish Gucci Guilty advert and was absolutely enchanted by one of my most favourite tunes “Strangelove” by Depeche Mode in a different clothing. The thing that especially caught my attention was velvet, sensitive voice of, as I found out later,  Friendly Fires’ lead singer Ed Macfarlane, that created a very special and exquisite atmosphere of the song. This is the case when I  see a cover version not as just a remake of a great song, but as an independent piece of music which has its own life and character. Apparently, Friendly Fires have made a great job of covering this song, concerning the fact that the genres which they and DM play in do not bear such dramatical differences as, say, hardcore and pop. Nevertheless, Friendly Fires’ “Strangelove” is a story of its own…

Friendly Fires were set up in 2006 and, surprise-surprise, began as a post-hardcore band. But soon they changed their style to post-punk/dance/alternative and got noticed. In 2007 they were featured in NME, The Guardian and Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 Show. This success was followed by the debut self-titled release in 2008 which was certified Gold in the UK. Friendly Fires’ sophomore effort “Pala” came out in May 2011 and peaked at # 6 in UK charts. Now the band are working at new music in Sweden. 

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4 Responses to “Featured song /// Friendly Fires “Strangelove””
  1. Great cover. They certainly put their own spin on it. Good find!

  2. eva6kora says:

    Wow, this version is cool. I’m not a great fan of covers but some bands can make the vibe of the song completely different, like this one. Nice!

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