Premiere of the week /// Lostprophets “Bring ‘Em Down”

On February 6th Lostprophets presented their first single “Bring ‘Em Down” aka Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record off the forthcoming album “Weapons” (out April 2nd). For the first time the tune was performed live during warm-up shows around the UK in August 2011 and got very positive reaction from those fans present. However, yesterday’s feedback upon airing in Zane Lowe’s show was even more enthusiastic: everybody was unanimous in calling the song great.

“Bring ‘Em Dow” contains all the traits of old and new Lostprophets: there’s something utterly and undeniably new about the song but at the same time it sounds very Lostprophets. They have changed but stayed true to themselves which is a real art. The band are back at their most powerful, revolutionary and massive selves. The title of the hottest record is fully justified.

You can listen to the song at BBC Radio 1 website here.

The official single release is set for March 26th. Also, check out Lostprophets official website for Weapons Hot tour dates and more news.

2 Responses to “Premiere of the week /// Lostprophets “Bring ‘Em Down””
  1. iamkaja says:

    This is amazing! I’m extra excited for the album now, thanks! x]

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