Featured band /// Keane

Piano rock? Think Keane and you won’t be mistaken. The band, who are sometimes called a guitar-less outfit, decided to make the piano the centre of their music somewhere at the beginning of their career and set the direction for their success in music. With this different  attitude Keane didn’t become famous overnight and on the way to recognition had to experience line-up changes, lack of faith on behalf of other people and even their own inner selves, numerous denials and ignoring from record labels… Nothing new for young aspiring bands, but Keane persisted in their goals and in their music path and chose the road of gigging and playing as many concerts as possible together with writing songs instead of sending demos to nowhere and waiting for mercy. The tactics paid off in the end and brought Keane where they’d always wanted: to the stars.

Apart from a very distinct piano in their tracks, Keane are also especially noted for Tom Chaplin’s soft, powerful vocals, that fill their songs with a shining, light atmosphere. Enjoyable is the word to describe Keane’s tunes with calm and soft melodies, delicious piano sounds spiced up by various effects with a hurricane of emotions and powers hidden beneath the delicate cover – the powers that especially come out during their live performances when there’s nothing to hide and nothing to bottle up.

Tom Chaplin once said: “I don’t think we’ll ever be cool, but I think we’ve been fearless.” (quote courtesy of @KeaneQuotes) where “we’ve been fearless” is the key to Keane’s success. They have indeed and that’s why now listeners around the world have the pleasure of enjoying their music, which is, hey, cool.


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