Song of the day /// Muse “Take A Bow”

A bolt of lightning, a supply of unrestrained energy and a flash in the night – that’s what Muse’s “Take A Bow” is. Starting off rather quietly and mystically, the song goes up and up and up until it reaches the stage when the powers inside it overflow all the imaginable boundaries and explode in colourful flashes of sound. That’s the song to capture listeners and drag them into a musical whirlpool, seducing them with silvery spells hidden somewhere in the background of the main melody. And after the guitars explode, the tune is not the same again. And neither are  listeners… High time to take a bow.

4 Responses to “Song of the day /// Muse “Take A Bow””
  1. I love how this song leads perfectly into “Starlight” on the album. I actually hated “Take A Bow” when I first heard it, but now I like it. You really have to pay attention to it to appreciate how it builds, not just in volume, but in pitch, as well.

  2. I love the lovely descriptive language you use to write about “Take a Bow”. It’s very evocative.

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