Face to face with /// The Sun Explodes

The Sun Explodes is a five-piece heavy rock band based in Carlisle (Cumbria). The attitude to creating music and being a band in a truly original way makes them stand out among up and coming bands. The Sun Explodes already have a debut album “Emergence” under their belts and now plan to extend their musical powers further around the UK. Rock Britain caught up with the band’s guitarist Alex Harris and asked him some questions.

– Tell us how The Sun Explodes started as a band?
– Some bands from Carlisle split up and ex members joined together.
 – How did you get into music and what were your major musical influences?
– Different stories for each member! We prefer not to talk about influences really, we try to create original music.
– How did the work at your debut album ‘Emergence’ go?
– It was a long process and although we have our problems with it, we’re pretty happy with how it turned out. We learned a lot for next time!
– What were the main sources of inspiration for the album?
– Again, we try to create original music.
– What’s the most special thing about the record and why?
– First albums are always interesting because generally the musics been written over a long period of time, so you get a big cross section of music.
– How did it feel to release a debut full-length album? What were your feelings when you finished the recordings and then the album was out? 
– Its something none of us have done before so it was very exciting. And a bit of relief that everything went pretty much to plan!
– What do you like and what do you dislike most of all about working in the studio?
– We record music continually as we write it, its very very helpful. Dislike is obviously whenever you’re under pressure, which is usually whenever moneys involved.
– You’ve toured a lot. What makes a truly memorable gig for you?
– It doesn’t take a lot to be honest. If we get a reasonably helpful soundman in a venue that’s equipped for live music (we’ve played plenty that aren’t!) and there’s 10-20+ people there who are open to new music and like rock, we generally have a great gig. It also helps if the other bands are good/nice guys, and it helps when people buy merch too!
– And how would you describe your gig for somebody who’s never seen you live?
– Loud, frenetic, melodic, heavy. Live music is what we’re all about.
– If you could choose to perform with any musician, who would you choose and why?
– Freddie Mercury. He was the best.
– What bands have been in your iPod lately?
– Arcane Roots, 22, Devil sold his Soul, Foo Fighters, Queen.
– If you could write a soundtrack for a film, which genre would you choose?
– Something epic, maybe in space, space is pretty epic. You remember Space:1999? Yeah well, not as epic as that, but more epic than say, The Muppets Christmas Carol.
– What other spheres of art would you like to try your hand at?
– None of us have much creativity beyond the band although we’re very lucky to work with some very talented artists/photographers such as Chelsea Cannar, and Sarah Cowan at oneowlplease.com
– What’s your next huge plan concerning The Sun Explodes?
– We have a tour coming up in April (Dates on Facebook), and album number 2 will be out hopefully earlyish next year. We also have a second music video off  “Emergence” out soon.

The Sun Explodes on Facebook

2 Responses to “Face to face with /// The Sun Explodes”
  1. eva6kora says:

    I came across this band on twitter and I think they are great! Great interview!

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