Band feature /// While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps are a metal/hardcore five-piece band from Steel City of England – Sheffield. The band started in 2006 and at the very beginning toured a lot around the UK. This wasn’t easy but hard work paid off in the end and when the band’s self-produced mini-album “The North Stands For Nothing” dropped, the response was rather enthusiastic. It helped the band cement their positions on the UK underground scene, but a lot more was yet to come back then… As media started getting interested in While She Sleeps, the feedback became even more positive and soon the band were touring Europe and major festivals around the UK and appearing in influential rock magazines. The ball started rolling and it was unstoppable… 

Having chosen  the genre where, to be honest, it’s pretty difficult to invent something radically new and where the competition is rather fierce, While She Sleeps manage to step beyond the basic pattern of screaming+hammering melodies. They are skilful in mixing hardcore and metal which, with the alternative elements as the final icing on the cake, produce a highly vibrant sound that comes crashing down on listeners like an avalanche without any chances of survival. WSS have found the golden middle of heaviness by being not obsessively harsh and aggressive and yet brutal enough for the genre. Melodious guitars become edgy all of a sudden, bass is  spirited and killing drums never fail to beat the tempo. Atop of all that aggressive vocals sound powerful and yet capturing.There’s nothing unnecessary in their music – only the core and the most important features that make While She Sleeps’ music appealing and real.

The special vibes based on the air of determination, passion and confidence contribute to the genuine and authentically spirit of While She Sleeps and turned them into one of the most prominent hardcore UK outfits for a very short period of time. In the end, it’s true individuality that matters and this is the thing that cannot be hidden or lost.



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