Getting To Know /// RABA

RABA were set up in 2009 by Scott (vocals, acoustic guitar, songwriting) who invited his friends Nick (lead guitar) and Jamie (drums) to join his newly-formed band. Scott had written, composed and recorded a lot of music before and in RABA his creativity found its outlet. The year 2011 was marked by James’s joining RABA on bass and the line-up of the band was complete. Since the beginning RABA have been touring a lot around the UK thus building quite a big following by their impressive gigs and appealing tunes. After they’ve released a debut self-titled EP they are more than ready to conquer even more audiences.

There are immense music powers hiding under the covers of soft rock RABA are offering but once they are are unleashed, they burst out of each line to embrace listeners with their warmness and gentleness. One doesn’t have to be loud to make their statement and RABA’s powerful softness, based on exquisite musical interlacements, is expressive and striking.  The intensity of music passages, findings and lines attributes to intensiveness of RABA’s music. Backed up by the steady and confident rhythm section, the guitars are an absolute killer with their delicious sound and striking riffs. Atop of all that Scott’s vocals sound strong and deep adding attitude to each song. Great passion is felt in each tune, not only music-wise but also lyrics-wise, and this is something that makes RABA’s creative work incredibly lively and appealing.

Must-listens: “Home”, “But We Look The Same”.

Official RABA Website

Shout out to Eva, who got us acquainted with RABA’s music.

2 Responses to “Getting To Know /// RABA”
  1. eva6kora says:

    Thanks for spreading the word about RABA and their music! Brilliant post! 🙂

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