Independent outlook /// Young Guns “Bones” [Album] 2012

“This record is a rebirth”

Gustav Wood (Rock Sound # 157)

Since the emergence in 2009 with their EP “Mirrors” Young Guns have come a long way from a new, promising band to an independent music unit playing to packed clubs in the UK and Europe. Their debut record “All Our Kings Are Dead” dropped in 2010 and proved the status of the band as one of the best up-and-coming outfits at that time – the foundation which had been laid with “Mirrors”. Now it’s 2012 and Young Guns have released their second album “Bones” which shows what the band are really capable of.

Young Guns created “Bones” in the studio in Thailand and the choice of a place apparently marked the whole process of recording and the album itself correspondingly. It was a brand-new experience for the musicians, a kind of leaving their comfort zone of habitual surroundings and it proved incredibly productive and beneficial for creativity.

“Bones” presents a storm of power with occasional specks of melancholy – the story, which Young Guns tell with a great deal of skill, taking listeners on the journey of music packed with emotions and unexpected turnings as well as bright colours and impressions. It’s a strong and very charismatic album full of saturated tones, delicate undertones, shades of sound and between-the-lines offerings. The showcase of sincere emotions in “Bones” is sparkling to the full, but in the end Young Guns have never been the ones who lacked true feelings in their music. Each track bursts into fire of its own creating twelve independent flames which comprise the record. Gustav Wood’s vocals are stronger than ever and play a lot of vocal tricks, adding colour and expressiveness to songs.

Lyrics-wise “Bones” is a deeply philosophical and thought-provoking record. Live your life the way you want to until it’s too late as life is too short to waste it – this is the red line going through the record. But however serious the topics are, they still allow everyone to relate to them and feel on the same page with the band by simply being  familiar and close to most people. It’s a well-known fact that Gustav puts all of himself – his personal experience, life, heart and soul – into his lyrics and his honesty and openness give everyone a chance to see themselves in what Young Guns say.

In various interviews Gustav Wood described “Bones” as an ambitious, personal and bold record and these characteristics justify the essence of “Bones” in a great way. This album is a not a change in direction for Young Guns, but the natural evaluation of a very talented band for whom the title of an “up-and-coming band” has become too small and limiting. They have evolved into a mature team who now are more than ready to take the world by storm. Opening a whole new chapter for Young Guns, “Bones” is a very assertive, strong sophomore offering, which, as we all know, is a certain test for musicians – a pass-or-fail putting a lot of things at stake for musicians. There’s no doubt Young Guns have passed their test brilliantly.

8 Responses to “Independent outlook /// Young Guns “Bones” [Album] 2012”
  1. eva6kora says:

    I love Young Guns, their album is amazing and ‘Bones’ is such a powerful track. Makes you feel alive with its sound and lyrics!

  2. The album cover for Bones is very powerful and striking.

  3. Osim says:

    Young Guns are killing it. I read an article a couple of days ago on WUWO Magazine. Check it out I have to say… it is goooooood!

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