Face to face with /// RABA

Gentle power of music, strong, unusual vocals and topics close to many… It’s all about RABA and their intensely exquisite tunes appealing to the highest extent. With the self-titled EP and energetic gigs under their belts, RABA are making a statement that can’t pass unnoticed. Rock Britain gets personal with the talented up-and-coming UK outfit.

– What inspired you to start playing music? How did you turn to music and what made you decide to set up your own band?
– We started playing from a young age. We fell in love with music and were determined to play. We all have extremely supportive families.

Scott: I first discovered this passion through Buddy Holly. My Dad took me to a Buddy Holly production in the theatre and from then on I knew that I wanted to play music.

– It’s known that music has the power – the power to inspire/cheer up/etc. What is the power of RABA’s music?
– Great question. RABA’s music can produce hundreds of different emotions. Tracks like For Real are great when you’re feeling that angst and confusion, Home is perfect for that inspiration and motivation and party tracks such as If You’re Mine & Spitfire Skies are the sort of tracks that you can have a drink to a good time with friends. Not only can you ‘do the washing up’ listening to RABA, but the music and lyrics talk to ordinary people about the issues that we all have to deal with day to day

– What’s the best thing about being in RABA?
– The best thing about being in RABA is the feeling of playing music with your friends and for your friends, and being able to deliver songs that people seem to understand and empathise with.

– What’s your biggest plan concerning RABA?
– To have RABA’s music heard by as many people as possible.

– Your EP is available now. What was the experience of working at it like?
– Working on the ep was fun, hard work, stressful: uplifting and worrying at times. It was a bit like going in to battle blindfolded; not really knowing the out-come. The studio was amazing even during an overnight session: recording vocals for the whole ep at 2 in the morning was the highlight!

– When are you planning to release your full length album?
– We are proud of the ep and are going to promote it for a while then think about a full album next year.

– What are the main sources of inspiration for your songs?
From Scott: I draw inspiration from many places in day to day life. Many songs are about being lost and trying to find a place of peace and calm.

– You start touring soon. What do you expect from the tour? Ready to rock?
– We want to play anywhere and everywhere. We are completely ready for it and can’t wait. We want to grow our fanbase and really engage with everyone who listens to us. We are not expecting it to be easy but hope that people will like our songs and spread the word.

– What are your main dos and donts while playing live gigs?
– Do enjoy yourself, interact with your fans, smile, perform. Always acknowledge the people who have come to see you play. Don’t muck about, stage dive…. Above all enjoy it then everyone else will as well. Deliver 100% at all times.

– What music have you been listening to lately most of all?
– We love a good song regardless of the genre so we have massive varied tastes. Recently between us we have been listening to: Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Jeff Buckley, Matt Cardle, Rhianna, Bruce Springsteen, Ash, Manic Street Preachers, Paolo Nutini and Katie Melua of all people.

– What do you think about the present state of British music? Any bands you can especially single out?
– We think that music in Britain is in a state of disrepair: we hope that RABA is the band to repair it! LOL! There hasn’t been a band that has blown us away for a long time – we are tired of listening to music made by a computer.

– What is your life motto?
Scott: Don’t be a jack of all trades and a master of non.
Nick: Use every chance to be heard, your time is now.

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6 Responses to “Face to face with /// RABA”
  1. xandimusic says:

    what a nice song again, like it!!!
    PS: are you already following us on fb? If not, please do 😉

  2. eva6kora says:

    Great interview with RABA! Love the guys! They are going to gain many fans on their tour 🙂

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