Band feature /// InMe

Somewhere in the far-away 90-s in one of schools of Essex there was laid the basis of the band that we all know now as InMe. Having started to play their music at school,  the musicians were dwelling more and more into this world  and preparing the basics for the future success subconsciously. With a lot of practice and a strong bond between each other, the band started performing live shows. The lucky ticket got into their hands one night when InMe were supporting some bands and the performance was delayed, so our heroes went onstage later than planned and that’s how they got noticed by the record label representatives who had come to see the headliners. These were just the coincidences but Fate always knows the best  time for such tricks. InMe inked a record deal and set off on a journey of conquering the UK with their music.

If one had to describe InMe’s music in two words, it would be fair to say power and catchiness. Weighty melodies, strong vocals and soul in each one of the songs make their music appeal absolutely irresistible.  The band, who try to be as close to their fanbase as possible, put a lot of effort into writing songs and creating music. InMe aim at making their offerings much more than just well-performed tracks, but tunes which have a special mood to pass on to the listeners and allow people relate themselves to this music, see themselves in it and in the band themselves. It would be fair to say that InMe have succeeded a lot in it and their title as one of the most authentic and cult bands on the UK scene is well-deserved.

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