Rock classics /// Iron Maiden “Running Free”

“Running Free” presents a very special song in all respects for Iron Maiden. First and foremost, this very track became the band’s first single released on February 8th, 1980 and one of the best tracks off Iron Maiden’s debut self-titled record. The tune, written by Steve Harris and Paul Di’Anno, embraces the wildness of youth and the sense of freedom and is one of the most favourite and traditional songs which Iron Maiden perform live at their concerts. Paying tribute to crazy young years, this song can easily be the anthem of young rock lovers all over the world even now as its spirit is absolutely unbeatable!

The single’s cover features the early image of Eddie – the band’s mascot who will be accompanying all the band’s artworks and performances from then on.

4 Responses to “Rock classics /// Iron Maiden “Running Free””
  1. atothewr says:

    Great song. I did a post on this myself recently. It was part of my top ten Iron Maiden countdown.

    I’ve always loved Running Free and the image above.

  2. It is a great song – and even better on the live single released at the time of Live After Death. It’s a shame the single version isn’t on the album, along with b-side “Sanctuary”…
    Which is your favourite live album?

    • rockmelody says:

      Thanks for stopping by!
      I definitely love the live version a lot! Though, of course, the powers of the studio version are also undeniable.
      Hard to choose my favourite live albums, honestly. They’re all so special!

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