Independent outlook /// Lostprophets “Weapons”

How about getting your hands on music weapons of mass destruction courtesy of the band who have not only been inspiring huge numbers of listeners all over the world for over a dozen years, but have also influenced a whole generation of UK bands? If your answer is positive, don’t waste your time and get yourself this new arsenal of “Weapons” by Lostprophets unleashed on April 2. The sextet’s previous offering “The Betrayed” was released in January 2010 and for almost two years between concerts and live appearances there were numerous hints coming from Lostprophets headquarters that they were preparing the new album and it was going to be no other than epic. Right were they to the biggest extent.

“Weapons” is everything we love about Lostprophets – the band’s emblematic intense vocals, unique, anthemic sound, heavy, weighty, dimensional riffs, which are spiced up with several icings on the cake, including electronics, impressive turntables and rapping. The album comprises the elements of old-school Lostprophets, new findings and the band’s identity on top of all which results in a highly special, fast-and-furious, spirited record.

The record kicks off with the statement “Bring ‘Em Down” and this is what will probably happen to everyone who dare to stand in the way of Lostprophets. The confident mood is carried then through the whole album taking different turns with such tracks as “We Bring An Arsenal”, “Better Off Dead”, “Heart On Loan” and slows down only once but in a killing fashion during “Somedays” – incredibly beautiful and soft ballad. And when the closing track “Can’t Get Enough” stops crashing its waves down from loudspeakers, it becomes clear as day that one just can’t get enough of this record.

Exceptional songwriting has also always been another emblem of Lostprophets and at “Weapons” one can fully enjoy these versatile, but immensely sincere and genuine lyrics. They can be soft and calm, talk about generations and home towns, support and give a hand, but then all of a sudden turn into poisonous and sharp-tongued to the extent they can probably stab with words.

“Weapons” is a very important record for Lostprophets and there are various reasons to that. But what they have done is putting out the album which aims at no less than massive domination. The band offer no compromises as such a notion simply doesn’t exist for Lostprophets. “Weapons” mirrors the band and suggests a simple fuck-off philosophy that means that you’re either with them or against them. So, we suggest that you “pick your sides and place your bet”.

Grab your “Weapons” here

Lostprophets Official Website

4 Responses to “Independent outlook /// Lostprophets “Weapons””
  1. eva6kora says:

    Great review! It’s one of my favourite albums from them and I can’t get enough of it. It’s so incredible, powerful and it just gives me so much inspiration!

    • rockmelody says:

      Thank you 🙂
      Yeah, the same for me! One of the most favourite for sure! To say nothing of inspiration! Just gives the answers to all the necessary questions.

  2. Nova Amiko says:

    “The record kicks off with the statement “Bring ‘Em Down” and this is what will probably happen to everyone who dare to stand in the way of Lostprophets.”

    Your description of the Lostprophets sound, infectious. While I’m not a fan (yet – please don’t hit me! lol) I loved drinking up your passion.

    • rockmelody says:

      Thanks for your comment!
      Haha, tastes differ and I fully realise that 😀 And the fact you’re not a fan makes me appreciate your opinion even more 🙂

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