Bands Of The Week /// Top 5 Listens Of The Week

This week Rock Britain starts a new feature of weekly posts featuring the most listened bands of the past week. I’m going to share the bands I’ve listened to most of all and say why exactly these very artists rocked my mind.

1. Lostprophets.

It’s quite easy and obvious this week. With the release of the band’s newest record “Weapons” I’ve had my mind continually blown away by it. It’s second week running FYI. Join the madhouse. Enough said.

2. Keane

This lot has dared to stop Lostprophets from full domination of my stereo by playing a magical gig in Moscow. To say that Keane simply left everyone in the audience charmed and speechless is not enough. Beware of the coming review.


3. Hell To Pay

What the hell? I’ve been reviewing Hell To Pay for HevyPetal and I must say I’ve been fascinated by how young, up-and-coming bands can actually play as if they were young Iron Maiden or AC/DC. Don’t miss them out.


4. The Sun Explodes

Another amazing band I’ve already told you about. Raw power, memorable hooks and spectacular energy. Again, don’t miss them out.


5. Young Guns

Needless to say, I feel “Bones” in all my bones – this album was amongst the most anticipated records of the year for me and it has fully come up to this label. Its mood and atmosphere are just remarkable.

2 Responses to “Bands Of The Week /// Top 5 Listens Of The Week”
  1. Can’t wait for the new Keane album; I’ve already preordered my vinyl copy. 🙂

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