Musicians’ Favourites /// City Reign

City Reign live at The Deaf Institute

It’s always interesting to know what your favourite musicians are listening to and what are their all-time favourites. Today Rock Britain asked  City Reign to share  their Top 5 of  special songs with us.

Doves – Black & White Town
Although apart of me wishes Doves would have released another record in there time, I’m glad they haven’t as the time and attention to detail is untouchable. Black and White Town was the first single following Mike’s favourite album of all time The Last Broadcast. It was interesting to see how they would come back, and they returned with a beauty (even if it does pinch the riff from Heatwave!)
Oasis – Slide Away
Oasis are the band we all grew up with, not only that but they were the greatest guitar band of the last two decades. Slide Away is near the back of Definitely, Maybe and was the first time Noel showcased his ability to write a ballad. The song finds Liam at his most tenderness in his vocal take and there’s a brilliant guitar solo in the middle.
Idlewild – Live In A Hiding Place 
Idlewild are a great indie band, with lovely melodies and guitars. They’ve got so many great songs, but I decided I’d have to pick something off The Remote Part, which is such a complete and brilliant album. Live In A Hiding Place nestles beautifully in the middle of the album, and has everything I love about the album as a whole: lovely melodies, and some almost nautical piano parts in the chorus. Just a great song.
The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
This song is the Stones at their brooding best. It’s no coincidence that it’s been used in so many movies, the atmosphere of the song is so menacing, with Keith Richards showing what a great guitarist he is. The vocal duet at the end is so powerful as well, the female vocal makes the song what it is.
The Libertines – Time For Heroes
I’ve included The Libertines cause they’re the only band in the last 10 years where you felt there was  something special and timeless happening. I saw them a few times live at the height of their success and the atmosphere was always electric. The friction between Pete and Carl was tangible at times but you couldn’t take your eyes off the stage. I think Time For Heroes encapsulates the mischief that made the band so special.
2 Responses to “Musicians’ Favourites /// City Reign”
  1. Very nice picks. I don’t think I’d be able to choose my top 5 – they change daily, haha.

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