Top Listens Of The Week (April 13-20 2012)

This April week has become rather diverse top-listens-wise. Apart from several very well-known (for me) and grand bands, there were also some discoveries both – in terms of classical and new names. In the end, it’s never late to learn and discover something previously unknown. Five, four, three, two, one – here we go!

1. Queen

This week I’ve re-discovered the first two albums by Queen. Honestly, even despite the fact that Queen are one of my favourite bands, I’ve never really given a proper listen to their debut self-titled record. Looking back from the height of so many great albums recorded by Queen, their debut effort doesn’t have the mastery of later masterpieces, but on the other hand “Queen” has its own charm which, I think, only debut albums have simply because they are first. Anyway, with the debut album Queen started the way to the top and this very album showed that these newcomers, back then, dared to experiment and be different and it couldn’t fail them.

2. LostAlone

LostAlone are another discovery of this week. I have heard a lot about this band and I am well aware of the buzz surrounding them in the UK. However, I just couldn’t get my hands on their records because of sheer lack of time. I must admit, I’m extremely happy, I have finally given LostAlone a listen as I absolutely fell in love with their dynamic, energetic tunes. Enough said.

3. Led Zeppelin

I spent several nights looking through the album of Zeppelin photos to the soundtrack of their albums. I must say, these evenings topped the list of most atmospheric music evenings ever. Tea added up a lot of spirit to the whole pleasure.

4. Enter Shikari

I love Enter Shikari. And it’s always good to listen to music you love. Obviously.

5. Iron Maiden

Classic heavy metal always feels fresh and refreshing. And in this respect, one of the most fascinating things in rock music for me is how these musicians even after so many years keep their live shows as energetic as hurricanes. It’s a fact: Maiden are one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.

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