Music Reading /// David Roberts “Rock Atlas”

Rock Britain assumes that if not all, but definitely a lot of people love travelling. Especially if you’re a music fan, you might want to see places connected with your favourite bands. Indeed, there are a lot of houses, streets, roads, towns or just hidden places which are closely related to musicians this way or another, but some of them are not very well-known so that to find them you need an atlas. Rock Atlas. This is the guide to music locations compiled by David Roberts, which gives you insight into these special places related to a lot of great musicians. The music journey begins!

“I had the idea when I was editor of the Guinness Book of British Hit Singles which dealt with record releases and musicians, – says David. – And I always imagined a book about music places might work. I love music and I’ve got a fettish for maps so Rock Atlas was a labour of love”.

Rock Atlas is more than just a book about music locations. It’s an ultimate guide to very interesting and unusual places with fascinating stories behind each of them, rare and previously unseen photos and detailed route maps allowing you to get to any location of your choice easily. “Obviously I had to include all the major things like Abbey Road zebra crossing and Jimi Hendrix’s statue, – comments David on the choice of locations. – But the rest were mostly places I was interested in, in the hope other music fans would be fascinated too”.

David’s work resulted in 650 cherry-picked music locations and with a number as big as that it’s easy to get your head in the spin deciding where to go and what to see. David shared his favourite location with us: “It’s a house (‘Brookfield’) in Surrey, England, which I knew had been owned by and became an inspiration to rock star Stephen Stills. But the more I researched the more I discovered. Firstly, it’s the most beautiful Elizabethan mansion, but it’s recent history included Peter Sellers owning it and the Beatles reforming there after George Harrison left briefly when Ringo Starr owned the place. It gets a two page feature in the book”.

And of course Rock Britain couldn’t keep from asking David to share his personal most vivid music memory: “What a difficult question. Probably the sureal experience of chatting with Eric Clapton about cricket and moving house when both of us were invited to a British music function at Buckingham Palace. The Queen was standing a few feet being introduced to Jimmy Page and Roger Daltrey”!

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4 Responses to “Music Reading /// David Roberts “Rock Atlas””
  1. What an awesome idea. Please tell me there’s a U.S. version of this… :/

  2. Oh, yeah, what I meant was… is there a version that covers locations in the U.S.? It seems like this one covers places in the U.K. and Ireland. It would be so cool to visit all these places!

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