Top Listens Of The Week (20-27/04/2012)

This week has been marked by some new names of up-and-coming British bands as well as long-time favourites.

1. Blood Of The Spectre

The band I’ve been reviewing for HevyPetal  for the greater part of the week. Upon a couple of first listens Blood Of The Spectre’s EP resembled other metal offerings of the same direction, but on further attempts there came to light some specialities and outstanding details, like stunning guitar solos or unusual passages in between the lines. Dig deeper and you’ll be blessed with hidden gems.

2. Anathema

I’m absolutely in love with Anathema’s new record. The way the band deliver their progressive rock has always been enchanting for me. The magic and power their music possesses is absolutely out of this world. And the passion Anathema put in the songs colours everything really bright. To cap it all, their live shows are one of the most energetic I’ve ever seen.

3. Muse

One more band from the outer space, however residing a lot further than Anathema. It always gives me chills to listen to Muse, especially their earlier stuff. It’s all about the vibe which is absolutely exceptional. I have no idea how, but listening to some Muse’s tunes always feels like getting my hands on them for the first time and living through them anew.

4. Fist Full Of Lies

Another HevyPetal reviewee of mine of this week. Daring, bold hardcore from Norwich proved very tense and captivating. It didn’t really take them long to grow on me which is a rare thing.

5. David Bowie

Somehow I heard “Space Oddity” somewhere by accident and it got stuck with me for a good half of the week. I ended up re-listening to Bowie’s “Platinum Collection” and actually had a great time with it.

6 Responses to “Top Listens Of The Week (20-27/04/2012)”
  1. Hey, I just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! You can find details about the award and the terms of acceptance here:


  2. Oh, and “Stockholm Syndrome” – YES. Their earlier stuff rocks a lot harder than their newer stuff, if you ask me – “Plug In Baby” and “Citizen Erased” and stuff like that. Their debut holds its own, too, although I rarely hear people mention that album.

    • rockmelody says:

      Once again, thanks a lot for nominating me! It means a lot! 🙂
      Oh yeah, I’ve become hooked on this song when I heard it live. It had such a huge effect on me… Love all their stuff a lot, but feel more gravitated towards older one too.

      • You’re welcome, it’s much deserved!

        Yeah, their newest album was mediocre to me, but I love their first four. And although I first got into them through “Absolution” and “Origin…”, I think “Black Holes…” is actually my favorite. I hate admitting that, since I feel like that’s the one everyone likes. But hey, it’s good, haha.

      • rockmelody says:

        I liked the newest effort, but in a different way in comparison to others. I love ‘Black Holes..’. Honestly!!! It is definitely among my Muse favourites.

  3. Love Muse. Always good to hear Bowie (I am biased!) but I prefer the finalized 1969 version of ‘Space Oddity’ (as on the Platinum collection)

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