Top Listens Of The Week (April 27th – May 4th)

Spring is all the rage and here we come with another top 5 listens of the last week of April and the first week of May.

1. Two Types Of Clothing

A young Sussex-based pop-punk band who play stormy music with a heavy touch and have a great youth appeal. There’s something undeniably catchy in their tunes and they totally deserve some close attention.

2. The Blackout

While The Blackout are preparing a new album # 4, I’m re-listening to their entire catalogue with great pleasure, especially as far as the latest release “Hope” is concerned.

3. Flood Of Red

There’s something magnificent about this band. They’re skillful, massive and terribly underrated. By the way, their live performances are said to be absolutely mind-blowing.

4. Blood Red Shoes

An irresistible mix of indie and alternative, male and female vocals. The band are simply good and a great pleasure to listen to.

5. Deaf Havana

These lads just know how to write good tunes. That’s a reason decent enough to listen to them.

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