Getting To Know /// fiN.

It’s universal truth that music is the guiding light and can become a real beacon in all kinds of dark life situations. If you lack light and the sense of celebration in your life, give a listen to fiN who have chosen to bring out the best in life and fight adversity with their tunes.

fiN, who are a completely DIY band, are taking creativity and individuality to the next level. They not only release their music as singles on vinyls with exclusive codes for mp3 downloads, but also put a lot of influences and genres into their music which creates a truly unique and diverse sound. Prepare to open your mind for their charisma which sparkles in everything they do – music, distribution, videos, special elements, interesting philosophy and approach.

In fiN’s music you’ll find everything your soul might ever desire –  delicious guitar riffs, stormy melodies, delicacy of ballads, atmospheric instrumental pieces, intelligent lyrics and what’s not. They call themselves “the heaviest indie band”, but in fact fiN are too creative and charismatic to be squeezed in the limits of one genre only. With such a huge talent for songwriting, composing, production and presenting their music fiN are definitely the band to be on everyone’s radar, so if you are looking for some new music to listen to, don’t miss fiN.

Find fiN at Twitter Facebook YouTube Official Website

4 Responses to “Getting To Know /// fiN.”
  1. eva6kora says:

    What a great post! I’m so glad you featured them on here 🙂 The fiN fan community is rising! x

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