Independent Outlook /// The Sun Explodes “Emergence”

Carlisle-based The Sun Explodes are the band who throw together a mixture of electronics, heavy rock, killer riffs, stormy melody to create music with intense individuality and distinct, confident character. Their debut offering “Emergence” shows a great potential of the band and hints that they’ve come here to stay.

The band couldn’t have possibly chosen a better name for their debut album as it’s what they do with it: emerge and reach out to larger audiences as well as make a firm statement of their individuality. Famous for their high-voltage live shows, The Sun Explodes bring their unrestrained energy into the studio offering and it’s impossible not to feel it. “Intro” is the opening intese enough to make listeners crave for what’s to come next and actually the songs following it come up to the bravest expectations. There is a bundle of songs – diverse and layered, spiced up by electronics and brightened up by stunning riffs. Lyricism and melody are provided with the help of occasional piano passages and emotional vocals are the final icing on the cake. Prepare to be challenged by the songs’ structures, layers, composition – one should be absolutely involved into listening to this album in order to fully appreciate and perceive everything it has to offer. There’s something uneven about the songs, which don’t follow traditional verse-chorus patterns, but imply fancy angles and unusual hooks. It’s a kind of sophisticated quality listening, something you’re definitely to love once it grows on you.

The Sun Explodes have emerged with their debut full-length and they have done it in a loud manner. Proper debut for proper rock band!

3 Responses to “Independent Outlook /// The Sun Explodes “Emergence””
  1. eva6kora says:

    Great review! As you said the songs are uneven but very interesting! It’s a unique sound and very well mastered.

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