Getting to know /// Fresh Like Dexie

If you’re ever in a bad mood, we at Rock Britain know what can help you to cheer up. Well-chosen music of course! Fresh Like Dexie, who are based in Brighton, offer an imaginative fusion of various genres in their tunes, starting from neo-punk and finishing with reggae. But what’s especially noted about their tunes is that they possess enormous cheering-up, positive powers! Funky, lively and very sunny music and charming vocals of Danielle Bruton create this very special vibe, setting you to dance-mode in no time. 

On 10th June Fresh Like Dexie are releasing their new single ‘Antiques’  – the song with a rhythmic  beat, a sharp and  heavier edge achieved by the guitars storming to the forefront in bridges and a very light and summer mood. ‘Antiques’ is an incredibly catchy and dancy tune and its appeal is absolutely irresistible.

Fresh Like Dexie were set up in 2010 by guitarist Cameron and bassist Tuggy. Soon the line-up was completed by  singer Danielle, drummer David and keyboardist Shaz and the band started working at their debut EP. ‘Step In The Sun’ can be heard in the full at the band’s Soundcloud page here.

With the sound as zealous as that, Fresh Like Dexie bring similar energy to their live shows and have already established the reputation of a very charismatic live band.

Fresh Like Dexie Facebook

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