Playlist of the week. Vol. 1

These are the bands that have been rocking my ears lately. However diverse this playlist might seem, it’s become the soundtrack of mid-June trips, cool summer nights and misty mornings. Having each their own character, they’re similarly charismatic and appealing and thus make a very quality listening.

Rise To Remain have become one of my most favourite bands since Iron Maiden concert in February 2011 where these young talents performed as an opening act and impressed me by their confidence in front of 25000 people. Not all young bands can afford this sort of confidence, but RTR were absolutely at ease and not a single second bashful to showcase this special youthful and daring vibe of theirs.

The Lost Souls Club are one of the best, if not the best, recent music discoveries of mine introduced to me by Eva from Music Gets Me By. The way these guys put their hearts and souls in music clearly shows in each note, each riff and each line. TLSC’s tunes possess a very special atmosphere of depth and darkness, a unique spirit of their own that makes the band stand out and shine on the music scene.

Since I first came them across, Cytota have released new songs, one of which features Austin Dickinson, toured with Rise To Remain and are now preparing for the re-release of their EP ‘The Prosecutor’. The band are growing and spreading their wings day by day. Driven by heavy melody, their tunes at times turn into wild beasts of brutality and screamo to become angelic again afterwards. It’s clear as ABC that Cytota have got bucketfuls of talent and potential which is a great pleasure to discover.

The way Mask Of Virtue mix electronics and rock music is very skilful. Thus they give their tunes not an electronic, but an industrial touch and distant themselves from, say, Enter Shikari. Harsh rough and clear fresh vocals make a splendid duo and this polar of black and white, good and evil plays and works in a very strong fashion.

In Dynamics fully justify their name by being extremely dynamic and lively. The music these guys produce is a great mood-booster in some cases and thought-provoker in others, so depending on your state of mind, you can choose whatever. But in all cases the energy will be overflowing and capturing, extremely appealing and tremendously addictive.

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