Independent outlook /// Seraphim ‘Awkward Silence’ [EP] 2012

In their music Seraphim fuse alternative pop and progressive rock. This mixture gives the band a lot of space to experiment and show various facets of their music talent. On June 6th 2012 the Chichester-based  quintet released their debut EP ‘Awkward Silence’ and demonstrated how exactly it is possible.

A three-song offering ‘Awkward Silence’ can be symbolically divided into two parts: a peaceful one and a rebellious one. In the first part there rule ‘See You Again’ and ‘Can’t And Won’t’. This pair of calm, guitar- and piano-based tunes is marked by clear vocals of Paul Dickson and clever lyrics, and adorned with relaxed atmosphere of peace and quiet. The second part is a solo performance of ‘Losing Run’  – a heavier track with confident lyrics and vocals of Bethany Spink which all together tot up to a naughty spirit of the song. Sounds like two polars, doesn’t it? However, no matter how different all the tracks are, together they form a comprehensive whole and show Seraphim as a diversely talented band who don’t wish to get stuck in a rut of similar sound and are not bashful to experiment.

The overall mood of  ‘Awkward Silence’ is very light and lively. There’s not a single trait of pressure, but on the contrary – relaxing and calming atmosphere. The particular warmness of Seraphim’s sound attributes to a somewhat comfortable feeling that one gets on listening to the EP. That allows listeners to feel at ease with the band and their music which is by all means appealing and pleasant. It won’t take you long to get charmed by Seraphim and fall in love with them.

‘Awkward Silence’ is a quality release from a talented band. So, if you’re in for a good listen, turn to Seraphim and please your ears.

Listen to ‘Awkward Silence’


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