Don’t miss live /// The Survival Code

On 22nd July The Survival Code are playing a very important gig for them at the main stage of O2 Academy Islington. That’s what the band’s guitarist Shane has to say about the upcoming date:

Hi everyone I know it’s rare to see an update from me which doesn’t involve my band in some way…. However, it has been a busy year for us and a lot of changes have been happening for me personally, and also for us as a group so we thank you for your news feed patience, your eyes, and your ears to date.

On Sunday the 22nd of July at 6pm, The Survival Code will arrive at the O2 Academy Islington 1 (MAIN STAGE) to play our biggest and most important show since we first formed 8 months ago. We’ve grown a lot as a new band, and played in all sorts of different venues around London since then but this will be by far the highest profile show we will have done yet.

It will be a showcase of unsigned talent in London presented by JAR Music Live. We have some very important industry people coming to the show to see what we’re made of, and we’d like to put on the best show that we can with ALL OF YOU there to support us. We can’t do it without our Fanbase there to rock with us, and cheer us on. It just wouldn’t be as cool.

It’s a Sunday afternoon, we’re on pretty early (Between 6pm and 7pm) so there will still be time for everyone to get home and enjoy the last bit of Sunday before the week starts again! We realise that Sunday is the “Hangover Recovery / Preparing for The Next Week Of Hell” day… So it would mean a great deal to us to see you there, because we value our Sunday’s too (Believe me)… and because it’s a big ask… we’re giving away FREE plectrums / stickers / badges / CDs with all tickets bought from our online store and giving discounts on all of our T-Shirts too to everyone who comes through the door.

So yeah…. It’s a BIG BIG NIGHT for us, but we can’t do it alone! So please save the date, tell your friends, and get onto our BigCartel page HERE: …. for tickets to see us!

Thank You for reading my essay, and I hope we’ll see each other there.

Shane – TSC


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