Playlist of the week. Vol. 2. Special issue.

Playlist Vol. 2 is going to be a bit different from the previous Rock Britain playlist as this particular edition will  cover the Brits who accompanied me in my recent trip to Prague. This particular trip turned out to be very special, relaxing and way too inspirational with great help from the place and music of course. So, welcome to my Czech playlist 2012.

1. Queen

Surprisingly how I came across Queen practically everywhere I went: a video in a restaurant where I had dinner, a song from a shop in a crowded Prague street, a picture of Freddie Mercury at Charles Bridge… They seemed to be absolutely in the right place amongst narrow, crooked streets of the ancient city with their boldness, bravery, this special, flamboyant vibe which is typical of Queen only. The uniqueness of the city and the band – though extremely different they are – worked perfectly together and the buzz of both of them mingled in a hot, atmospheric cocktail of late night summer breeze, air smelling of river and lively, noisy might.

2. Lostprophets

The sense of freedom which accompanied my whole trip is expressed extremely well in what Lostprophets do. This confidence, adventure, independence were always there for me in the city and in their music. When you travel, life becomes very different from what you have at home. You change, though you might not notice the change at first, you gain experience, impressions and new emotions, your outlook becomes different and acutely fresh. All these are synonymic to the effect Lostprophets’ music has had and been having on me, so their tunes were a perfect soundtrack to the perfect walks full of thoughts, smiles and freedom.

3. Architects

“Daybreaker” – Architects’ latest CD – was the first thing that greeted me when I entered a huge music megastore Bontonland at Václavské náměstí, so not picking it up was absolutely out of the question. It was rather refreshing to have a touch of anger, rebellion and riot in the calmness of Prague – the city, even though being a capital, by no means resembles noisy, buzzing cities like London, Moscow or Vienna. It’s the capital where you can have  rest, relax, forget about everything, just switch off what’s not necessary for you and actually feel pretty comfortable and at home.


4. Keane

Keane’s latest album ‘Strangeland’ proved a summer-vibe offering, full of fresh sea breeze, long summer night walks, sandy beaches and light, appealing, charming spirit. The summer sense is the one which is hard to find in any other season, so it’s very valuable to have it stored inside a CD and be able to take with you whenever you want with all the moods and personal memories.


5. My Passion

Travelling is passion. My Passion’s ‘Inside This Machine’ went down extremely well on longish trips from Prague to Munich and Vienna, painting never-ending 5-hours rides in bright colours. Their boldness added a sense of adventure with adrenalin buzzing  and the whole world lying free, open and welcoming…

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