Concert stories /// Franz Ferdinand

Open air concerts are a story of their own. Held mostly in summer, they have this very sunny, light air about them which makes these festivals so special and very different from indoor gigs. Just imagine some people sitting on the grass and drinking juice, others – playing volleyball or frisbee, third – simply napping. Such an idllic picture of a summer Saturday could be witnessed on 21st July in Moscow park Kolomenskoye where the annual Afisha Picnic Festival was held.

Even despite the rain, which drove the audience under their umbrellas and inside raincoats, the atmosphere of Picnic 2012 was very cheerful and optimistic – even the rain came as the blessing and some people were having tons of fun dancing under cool drops. Several stages scattered around the park offered various kinds of live music to all tastes, but we were drawn to the main stage where Scottish gang Franz Ferdinand were co-headlining the event.

All sunny and cheerful, Franz Ferdinand emerge onstage and here begins craziness. The vibes they bring with them are infectious and get into each body cell, spreading a dance virus within a matter of seconds. Soon the whole audience are swaying, moving, waving hands and singing along together with Alex Kapranos the ultimate favourites ‘Can’t Stop Feeling’, ‘Ulysses’, ‘No You Girls’, ‘Take Me Out’ and others. Though short this set might be in comparison to usual Ferdinand gigs, it still gives a good idea of what they are live: charming, lively, funny and energetic. The jokes Alex is cracking with his amazing Scottish accent are another addition to the relaxed atmosphere of the set, an ice-breaker that helps to build this particular connection between the band and the audience.

Franz Ferdinand bring the beats of rock ‘n’ roll mixed with indie and this good old atmosphere of swinging parties with absolute carefree attitude when nothing else exists apart from music. The musicians simply drown everyone in their tunes, fill the whole, by no means small, space with themselves and actually bring great fun to the affair. They’re ideal for summer festivals and this Scottish music is perceived absolutely stunningly under blue skies and blazing sun.

4 Responses to “Concert stories /// Franz Ferdinand”
  1. Saw them shortly after they released “Tonight”, and it was such a great show. Did they showcase any new stuff? I heard they’re supposedly working on their fourth album…

    • rockmelody says:

      Yeah, great live energy!
      There were a couple of new tunes – here’s the setlist.

      The Dark of the Matinée
      No You Girls
      Walk Away
      Scarlet Blue
      Do You Want To
      Universe Expanded
      The Fallen
      Can’t Stop Feeling
      (With “I Feel Love – Donna … more)
      Take Me Out
      This Fire

      • Awesome setlist, that’s cool that they still do a bunch of stuff from their first two albums – I love those. Not sure why they didn’t close with “Outsiders”, that’s a great closer! Did they do that thing where the entire band starts beating on the drum kit?

      • rockmelody says:

        Yeeeah! That was mental! Purely shamanic thing 😀 Looked and sounded impressive 😉

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