Getting to know /// Neko

Worthing, West Sussex band Neko aim high: they want to bring guitar rock back into the charts. In fact,  the band have everything what it takes to reach their goal. Having changed the previous name Plato for the present-day Neko, the musicians, who already have a sufficient following along the south coast of England, are opening a brand-new chapter in their career.

Neko keep it simple and without fancy stuff that might complicate music. They connect with their listeners with sincerity and straightforwardness of the musicians who know for sure that less is sometimes more.  These tunes spin around steady, rhythmic chords which form a strong melodic backbone with the addition of exuberant features in the form of instrumental outbursts to make the whole affair spontaneous and colourful. Frantic drum beats, thick bass lines or the loud carnival of guitar riffs appear from nowhere and shine especially prominently against the steady, simple music canvas thus creating a very enjoyable and appealing beat, which works in unison with people’s heartbeats…

 The vocals are lofty and swelling with passion. The band’s singer Tom is good at playing with his voice and passing the moods with it artfully. These tunes ooze a sense of happiness and pure bliss which is typical of people who are happy with their lives only. Singing about the biggest value – love it is – Neko put everyone on the same page with them not only by the topic being of great importance to everyone, but also by speaking about it from the bottom of their hearts and souls. One can’t but feel attracted to their music and acutely sense these strong feelings which are full of warm smiles you can enjoy even without seeing the musicians themselves.

Neko have all the skills and talents to make it big in music. Get to know them, get charmed…

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