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Rock Britain loves fiN and this is official! The way these guys make music, treat what they do and leave everyone speechless with the results can’t leave anyone indifferent. Recently fiN have toured with Incubus – the event which surely couldn’t pass by us and I decided to turn to the band’s fans and asked them one simple question: “what are your impressions from seeing fiN live?”   I got a lot of the most sincere and emotional answers to our question and even more than that!

fiN @ the 013, Tilburg on July 10th 2012

Words and photos: by Marissa / @fiNfaNs

Rushing through the packed crowd of Tilburg’s 013 I try to reach my friend who has held a spot near barrier for me. When I got invited to go to the Incubus concert last year, I would’ve never imagined that I’d end up discovering my new favourite band. As always, I enjoy looking up support bands when I go to a concert and I was pleased to hear the refreshing beats of fiN. When that same concert got cancelled I was so gutted that I jumped on the first plane towards London to hear fiN play live. It might have been one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Back in the 013, where Incubus decided to play their come-back from illness, I’ve reached my friend and she pulls me to the front of what soon will be guitarist Jonny’s microphone. We catch up quickly, and I tell her the story of how earlier that day I took the band on a wild goose-chase through the lovely town of Tilburg to find drummer Simon an outfit to wear for tonight. FiN loves to entertain and the carnival-loving people of southern Netherlands will surely appreciate the fluorescent green frog-outfit we picked out for them. And see; cheers and laughter surround us as Simon takes the stage first. The amphibian calmly walks up to his drums with his best pokerface on and takes place.

His band members Jonny, bassist Kerry and frontman Luke follow on stage and the first soft tones of “The Artisan” sound through the venue. A venue which, I must say has amazing acoustics; the sound is crystal clear and as the instrumental song builds up to its pounding climax both vocals and instruments are not a decibel too loud or soft. At the song’s peak the band moves around the stage like they’re on fire, a sight to see. Luke greets the crowd with a well-practised “Goedenavond, wij zijn fiN!” (Good evening, we are fiN!) and then the heavy, pure rock-track “Rapture” bursts loose. The guys have warmed up properly now and are shaking out some leg-breaking moves that makes you almost wonder how they manage to not crash into each other. Years of playing together must have given them a telepathic sort of GPS to avoid shameful collisions.

The energy continues to flow into the equally heavy “Twenty-Three” and as this is one of my favourite tunes I have to jump and wail along madly on this song about the changes in the relationship between Luke and his father. The
crowd is in good spirits and I spot quite a few people nodding and jumping along, especially when the up-beat, groovy tunes of “It Changes Everything” begin. In my opinion the track with the highest hit potential for the Wandsworth based band if only given the chance!

The hauntingly beautiful “Eve” is up next; a beginning of guitars that’s confusing at first, but soon makes sense when the heavy drums enter and set the pace. Luke’s voice is at his best when he sings “go slow” because they “both know, where this will go.” Yes; it’s that awkward ‘first-time’ that’s the inspiration of this gorgeous song. Jonny goes mental on the end, effectively amazing the people around me who are right in front of him. The boy is pouring his heart out in the song through his body as he pirouettes and stampedes around the stage like a bull in heat. The calm pace returns with “Lucky You” and I am pleased to see the audience (trying to) clap along on the flamenco-based mid-section!

“Everybody Dies Alone”, a track that’s everything as depressing as its title suggests comes next. Songwriter Luke tried to envision how it would feel at the last moments in your life and as the song builds to a crescendo with Luke serenading the audience from the top of the speakers side-stage, you’re left to wonder if the text holds any deeper meaning; maybe telling you to enjoy life and friends while you can before you die on your own? Apparently it doesn’t matter that much because “Life is Wasted on the Living” is the closer for the evening and with a fading of “You walk away but that causes problems” fiN indeed leaves the stage, but certainly without any troubles as the crowd gives them a well-deserved applause. FiN made some new fans tonight, as they do at every live show; speeding further towards fame show after show!

IncubusItalia talk about fiN

Valentina: “Hello, I’m Valentina and I’m the administrator of Incubus Italia, the Italian community dedicated to Incubus. I met the band for the first time in November 2011 during Incubus concert in Milan, Italy, and when I heard that they would also open the concerts in Rome and Vigevano in June 2012 I was happy to see them again. Since the beginning I’ve been amazed by their energy on stage, the simplicity of their soul and the desire to drag the crowd impatient for Incubus. I was lucky enough to watch them from under the stage and the concert in Rome on June 25 and the concert in Vigevano on June 26 and to exchange a few words with the members of band at the end of the show.
During the gigs I danced and sang like a mad, because I knew almost all the lyrics, and the band was very surprised by the warmth that Italian fans have shown them! Of course I bought their vinyl and in a short time they sent me the mp3 via email.
I hope that the band will be back soon in Italy, even for a solo tour! All of us of Incubus Italia we’ll wait for them!”
Germano: “fiN. A name that looks like the word that we use in Italy for “the end”, but clearly these 4 guys are not at the end, they’re at the beginning of what I hope will be a beautiful career, full of success and satisfaction.
After seeing them for the first time in Milan, I was happy to know that they would be performing also in Rome. I’ve liked a lot their roman gig, I’ve noticed great improvement in all the members of the band, meaning that they clearly love what they do and that they want to do it better. The energy that they put in the exhibition is incredible: Luke, Jonny and Kerry moves relentlessly on the stage while Simon give the time of this modern tribal dance!
Talking about their songs, I can say that I like all of them, they can shake your soul or soothes her (just like The Artisan do). My favorite one is 23: I like the lyrics, I like the melody…it’s such a powerful song, and personally I can’t wait to listen their new songs. Obviously I’ve bought their vinyl, they deserve it!!
I want to spend some words on the four guys: I’ve talked with them for an hour after the show, and I want to say that they’re truly good guys, who work hard and do a lot of sacrifice (for example, driving for 23 hours from UK to Italy) to do what they like. I make them my best wishes for everything: in a world where a lot of musicians make music only for money, fiN make music because that’s what they like to do, and that’s definitely a good thing!!”
Valeria: “As if music, lyrics, stage presence and the beautiful show that I had the opportunity to attend twice were not enough, I’ve had the chance to meet them and talk with them, finding how much polite and humble they are. It’s crystal clear that they love what they do and they transmit that both on stage and off! With this lethal mix you cannot help but love them.”
Raffaella: “I was under the stage taking shots of the show, and one thing caught my eye: they were having a lot of fun during the gigs, and I think that this is a very important thing for a band that want to achieve something in their career!!”

And  @mymaggieland concluded that it was “really good indeed. Hope to have them supporting Muse next fall!” We hope so too!


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