Independent outlook /// Matadors ‘She’s In Control’ [Single]

The youngsters Matadors know their business: instead of releasing an EP, they stick to putting out  singles to keep their listeners in suspense, craving  for more and curious what to expect from the guys next. Apart from this, the alternative quartet leave the doors open for their own experimenting with music and trying out new exciting sounds.

Matadors’ single ‘She’s In Control’ is a great example of an energized, cheerful tune with a ridiculously catchy vibe and clear talent behind the music. The single kicks off with a big introduction swelling with lively drive to set the scenery for what’s to come next. Calmer verses and more energized choruses are bridged with the help of in-between-paced passages that get the best from both sides and make the song structured, yet not repetitive. The charming and pastel vocals appeal to listeners with purity and youthful spirit. All these tot up to the totally infectious oomph of the whole song.

‘She’s In Control’ is a rich, flavoured tune full of Matadors’ identity and yet another showcase of how versatile the band are and how unwilling they are to stick to only one pattern. And can you imagine this tune performed live? We properly believe it sounds mind-blowing!

Rock Britain interview with Matadors

2 Responses to “Independent outlook /// Matadors ‘She’s In Control’ [Single]”
  1. This song is awesome! I tried looking them up on Wikipedia, but all I found was an article for THE Matadors. Do these guys have an album out yet?

    • rockmelody says:

      Nope, not yet. They’re releasing another single soon, but not an album. I did an interview with them some time back, you can check it out for more information on these guys 😉
      Glad you enjoyed them 🙂

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