News // Cytota To Play Headline Show In Birmingham

The whiz kids Cytota are planning to take Birmingham by storm with their first ever headline show in Birmingham on 7th September. It’ll take place at Unplug Digbeth and the supports for Cytota will come from Cries From Beneath, One Life Left, Moody Bomber, and Ever the Optimist.

Cytota have already established their name as one of the most promising up-and-coming UK acts. The Birmingham youngsters perform a stormy mixture of melodic, brutal and powerful passages, a combination of clear and harsh vocals and, above all, do it with a great deal of talent! Having the tour with Rise To Remain and the song ‘Absorption’ recorded with Austin Dickinson under their belts, Cytota aim high and have all the chances to reach there. You’ve been warned. They’re your new favourite band.

Cytota’s debut EP ‘The Prosecutor’ is set for release this August

Cytota Facebook

Watch the video for ‘Between Jokers & Jesters’


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