Featured band /// Don Broco

No matter how seriously you treat your hobby at the beginning, if it’s your destiny and mission in life, it’ll eventually grow from something you just like doing in your free time into your whole life.

Don Broco got to know each other while at school, played gigs together and had a lot of fun making music. After finishing school they all went to universities across the UK, but at that time the desire to seriously be in the band and get it to another level had already been accumulated. The official year of Don Broco’s birth is 2008 and that year became the starting point in the band’s successful march across the UK. The musicians began touring tirelessly and writing their own material with the approach aimed at conquering the world. Their fan base was growing and so was the exposure.  Since that the band have wasted no time and taken all the chances given to them by Lady Fate: the ball was rolling and it was unstoppable.

Don Broco take a definitive approach to writing their tunes and create the sound which is certain to appeal to people with different music tastes varying from pop to rock. Their version of rock is melodious, riff-laden, full of adrenaline buzz and huge hooks; the mood is  instantaneously appealing and the stories are told in deep, emotive vocals.  No chances of escaping these bangers of melodies, we assure you.

Don Broco released their debut record ‘Priorities’ on 13th August.

Don Broco Facebook

Watch the video for ‘Priorities’


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