Independent outlook /// Whales In Cubicles ‘Nowhere Flag’ [Single]

Whales In Cubicles are an extraordinary lot of musicians and so is their music. Fronted by charismatic Stef Bernardi, Whales are the band that should be on everyone’s radar simply for the fact that their music is a bright flash of sound with a sharp, offbeat edge and twist, courtesy of confident and original individualities comprising the band.

On August 6th Whales In Cubicles released their newest single ‘Nowhere Flag’ – the song definitely to watch out for. Built around a combination of calmness and explosiveness, ‘Nowhere Flag’ is a dynamic, rich in sound and message offering. Its two-sided nature combines two polars: quiet, dreamy verses and loud, assertive choruses with the feelings being bottled up and the energy being saved only to explode in a bright blast later on. Bass lines and guitar flashes sound prominent during the verses and when they grow louder and are joined by the mighty drums, here bangs the chorus with all the massiveness of the sound.

‘Nowhere Flag’ is a very well-structured song with the proportion of loudness and calmness balanced masterfully to keep listeners glued to their loudspeakers for hours on end, enjoying the song’s true beauty. Together with its hypnotising and non-compromising air that pierces its whole essence, ‘Nowhere Flag’ is not just a tune, but THE TUNE that rocks really hard.

Catch Whales In Cubicles live on the following dates:

Sep 25 – Castle Hotel – Manchester, UK
Sep 26 – Oporto – Leeds, UK
Sep 27 – Bungalow & Bears – Sheffield, UK
Sep 28 – The Labour Club – Northampton, UK
Sep 29 – Oakford Social Club – Reading, UK
Oct 06 – The Borderline – London, UK

Whales In Cubicles Facebook

‘Nowhere Flag’ on YouTube


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