Rock classics /// Queen ‘A Night At The Opera’

‘A Night At The Opera’ is the fourth studio album by Queen that came out in November 1975. This album is considered amongst the most ambitious and finest works by Queen and there are a lot of grounds to say so. ‘A Night At The Opera’ finally cemented the band’s position at the top league of world rock music and made them into rock superstars, who now were fully understood and admired.

Inspired by success of their music that seemed to be slowly finding its way into the minds of music lovers and meeting their understanding, Queen set the bar with the fourth record really high and they came up to it by recording ‘A Night At The Opera’. Queen were always famous for challenging the conventions of rock music, breaking the rules and literally doing whatever the heck they wanted with their music: these musicians were never bashful and never afraid of wild experiments and mixing the impossible. ‘A Night At The Opera’ is a vivid example of this approach and not in vain did it earn the title of one of the most diverse Queen’s records.

After two months of rehearsing and polishing the songs, the band headed to a recording studio to track them down. Upon finishing the recordings, which were not easy and sometimes complicated, exhausting and simply difficult, Queen presented the diamond of an album. The finished result was a fine masterpiece of rock music that left all the tensions behind and outshone everything with its light.

Queen remained true to themselves and presented a tale of absolutely different sonic  individuals united only by the highest quality of the tracks. In one record they managed to combine love (‘Love Of My Life’, ‘You’re My Best Friend’), hatred (‘Death On Two Legs’), sarcasm (‘Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon’), humour (‘I’m In Love With My Car’) and wrap them in the garments of ballads, pop, rock, sophisticated euphoric opera (‘Bohemian Rhapsody’) and probably all the genres imaginable. Just performed in Queen’s style of music patchwork, these songs, no matter how different they seem at first sight, still manage to live by each other’s side just perfectly.

By being daring, bold, self-confident to the extent not everyone could, and still can, afford, Queen became special. Their particular trait is that one moment they were simple: both in terms of music and lyrics, and another turned into the most pompous outfit and used opera and elevated words. But how did they manage to combine all these on one album without sounding silly or too much? It was talent that crafted this reckless and even outrageous approach to writing music into one of the finest examples of rock in the world. This bravery, charisma and absolute absence of stereotypes and prejudices brought Queen the recognition they totally deserved.


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