Featured song /// Muse ‘Madness’

Muse definitely can surprise. What’s more, they do it on regular basis. Having aroused a lot of controversy inside their fan base by the recently released song ‘Madness’ – the first official single of the band’s upcoming album ‘The 2nd Law’ – the musicians once again proved why exactly they hold the title of one of the best rock bands in the world.

Laden with electronics and minimalistic approach, ‘Madness’ is nothing you’ve heard from Muse before. The song is slowly creeping under your skin and starts working its magic there, turning into real madness caused by intensive, psychedelic motives pulsating with life. It doesn’t have the sophistication and complex structures of the band’s previous offerings, but it does have the famous, signature outer space air typical of Muse.

Muse have never been bashful of experimenting and moving on in the directions no one ever expects from them. But this is exactly what makes the band exciting to watch and follow as one never knows what to expect from these lads next. The only thing is certain: it’s gonna blow your mind.

‘The 2nd Law’ is out on 1st October.

‘Madness’ is available to pre-order from iTunes and Muse’s website.

Watch ‘Madness’ Lyrics Video


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