Independent outlook /// Radio Alcatraz ‘Populous: In The Belly Of The Beast’ [CD]

Radio Alcatraz are the band who have opted for a very confident approach to making music. Combining all sorts of various influences into a heated mixture based on post-hardcore as its main ground, Radio Alcatraz produce a warmly welcome listen to each fan of the genre and beyond it. Want to know how they do it so artfully and with the distinct signature of their own? Tune in to their debut album ‘Populous: In The Belly Of The Beast’.

The 13-track offering, released on 1st August 2012, was recorded by the band themselves and released independently. The sound depicted on the album is enough to betray a lot of experience under the musicians’ belts. ‘Populous: In The Belly Of The Beast’ can be described as artful chaos, combining a variation of findings and ideas, mingling tons of influences and thus sounding refreshed, appealing, at times sophisticated and complex, but totally luminous. All bits and pieces of the record form a total order in the middle of disorder and actually this is the trait that makes the whole listening experience a very acute and edgy one. A whirlwind of  discordant, merciless riffs, bridges, interludes, breakdowns, choruses and verses of such tracks as ‘Oxford Codes’, ‘Switches & Triggers’, ‘If I Could Control Ghosts, I Would Kill You In Your Sleep’ or ‘Running Through The Stitch’ is broken by dramatic, more melodious offerings like ‘Corpus Capitaneous Learning Curve’ or ‘The Code Is LOTUS: Burn The Room’ with a certain eerie touch to them, which stands out especially vividly in the instrumental ‘Documents Relating To John Doe’, which is a creepy interlude with the voice reading words in the background. These are a good demonstration of various sides of Radio Alcatraz as musicians who are open to broadening the horizons of their creative work.

Just to appreciate ‘Populous: In The Belly Of The Beast’ to the full, one should drown in its atmosphere and just let it in. Radio Alcatraz put highlights just where necessary and on different aspects. They know how to deliver stormy, energy laden, riff-torn offerings and at the same time make them varied, non-trivial, manifold. The songs are multistage, intensely layered and laden with hooks, several phases in developments that go in different directions and appear sporadically when you least expect them.

‘Populous: In The Belly Of The Beast’ brings Radio Alcatraz to a bigger and wider exposure and opens yet another talent of the British underground scene.

Radio Alcatraz Facebook

‘Running Through The Stitch’ Video

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