Independent outlook /// Sky Between Leaves ‘Sky Between Leaves’ [Single] 2012

A pocketful of enchanting tunes with a psychedelic twist, unearthly sensations, original take on making music… It’s all about the three-piece act Sky Between Leaves from East London. Comprising Tito on vocals and guitars, Julie on drums and piano, and Brenno on bass and synth, Sky Between Leaves take their name from Jarvis Cocker’s story on his realisation after putting on glasses that holes in the trees were actually the sky between leaves. The imagery is pretty striking and it’s high time to wake up to the sounds of the universe.

Sky Between Leaves’ self-titled single is a warm wave of embracing, penetrating sound which absorbs the elements unearthly, enchanting and highly enticing. It is adorned with heavy rumbling, lead by the vocals of great depths and powers, and tightened by saturated gloom. Hazy moods are orchestrated by fuzzy chords –  mystifying, appealing, lurring. Air comes alive in vibrations in creepy, mysterious silhouettes of intricate shapes; purely hypnotising, droning and trance-like moods fill the whole track from the beginning to the end. The feeling of unearthliness prevails, and ultimately takes listeners on a journey to a parallel dreamy world.

The hardest thing with Sky Between Leaves would be fitting them in a particular genre, but it’s hardly necessary as, incorporating a lot of influences including the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Tones On Tail, and Can, Sky Between Leaves have developed their own signature sound which can exist out of the box only. If you dig deeper, you’ll find the hidden treasures and the time spent will be worth all the efforts.

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Sky Between Leaves Soundcloud

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