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The final part of 2012 is promising to be very big for Never Means Maybe. Apart from the single release scheduled for 10th September and a tour down the line, the lads are hitting the studio in October to record their debut album. So prepare yourself for the massive Never Means Maybe invasion and just surrender when it comes. 

What have Never Means Maybe been up to lately?
– We’re working at the album at the moment, we’re going to record in October. In the summer we played Download festival at Donnington with Black Sabbath and Metallica and then Hevy Fest in Kent with Andrew W.K. and Glassjaw, people like that. We’ve been focused on writing, demoing and preparing for the album. We’re releasing the single ‘The Tide’ on the 10th September with an exclusive acoustic version and a remix. The video is all ready and it should be available on 10th September. We’ve been playing it at our shows for the last couple of months and people seem to really get into it.

– From the single trailer the video for ‘The Tide’ looks pretty massive. How did you like shooting it?
– Yeah, it was good. It’s the first time we’ve ever done this. Before in our videos it’s just been performance – just us playing, but this time it’s the first video we’ve done where there won’t actually be any performance, but it’s all acting. We can’t act, but there’s just a story behind it. And there are quite a lot of actors, so we got quite a lot of fans to come down and they got involved as well. It was a good day, it was quite cold there, but it looks good. We’re glad people bore the weather and it worked the way that we’d hoped.
– You’ve mentioned work at your album, so how do you feel the record is going to sound?
– I think the best way to describe the album would be in terms of our previous material. From my point of view, and from the point of view within the band, it’s a kind of the natural extension of what we’ve done before, if that makes sense. If you like what we’ve done before then you should definitely love the album. Also to people who have never heard us before the album will obviously give a good impression of what we are like musically as well. It’s got everything we go for, really. Yeah, it’s just an extension. We’ve been playing as a band now for over 6 years and I’m just really excited to get it recorded.
– How have Never Means Maybe evolved as a band for the period you’ve been together?
– I think that everything to do with being in a band helps you evolve as part of the band. We’ve been through quite a lot as a band; mainly highs, but some lows as well. That can help you
evolve and become a better band really. I think experience helps  – we’ve been shooting videos, we’ve been touring quite a lot, we’ve played a lot of shows. I think also our writing has changed and definitely now you get the most contemporary version of Never Means Maybe.
– Having a lot of various live shows experiences, which venues do you prefer – huge spots like Download or small venues where you can get intimate with fans?
– I can’t pretend that playing Download isn’t absolutely amazing it is, it is! It’s quite fun – the whole experience of Download as well: being backstage, and meeting people from other bands. It obviously has the advantage of the festival that you get people come from all over the country. If you have fans in different parts of the country, it’s a good chance they can all come for you at Download. But there’s nothing I like more than a small show with just two speakers and no stage and I think you can’t beat the energy. It’s a difficult one to choose, so I don’t actually really know. I don’t wanna answer on behalf of everyone else, it’s a really difficult one.
– Being on the road a lot is not comfortable and easy. How do you endure it?
– Yeah, it’s not comfortable. We’ve got our van – she does very well, but she’s not particularly comfortable. We just try to make it fun. We like to go to places, we like experience things. I mean earlier this year we played in Europe for the first time – that was a great experience. That can get exciting as well. We’ve got quite a lot of contacts so we’re able to stay at people’s houses, things like that, which make the sleeping experience on tour a little bit more comfortable than if we had to put six people in one van.
– Never Means Maybe play a show at The Garage on 9th September. What can your audience expect from this show?
– The show on the 9th is gonna be the official launch show for ‘The Tide, so we’ve actually been doing a lot of promo around that. I think, when it comes to our shows, we put everything we’ve got into a live show.  We’re just gonna go for it. We’ll give the people songs to sing along to. We might play a couple of new songs from the album as well just to see what people think of them. We’re gonna go out there and have a good fun and I hope a lot of people join us.
– Before going on stage, a lot of bands have some special rituals. Have you got something like this?
– We don’t really have anything massive. I just make sure I wish everybody «Have a good show!». I did it at one show and we had a really good show then, so now I have to do it every time, otherwise I worry it won’t be good. But apart from that nothing really out of the ordinary.
– Which bands do you consider to be your biggest influences, the once who inspired you to start playing music ?
– From my personal point of view, the band that got me into rock music was Limp Bizkit. I was 16 years old and at that time I was listening to Eminem and things like that and then Limp Bizkit were quite a natural progression from that. I’m into a lot of different things now, but my favourite band are The Who and the way I play, I think, comes a lot from the way The Who played – a lot of jumping around, swinging my guitar around. As a whole band we’ve got lots of different influences. That’s why, I like that we don’t sound just like one thing because we all bring in different things into the mix and that helps our sound develop as well.
– And how do you manage to bring these different influences together peacefully, how do you find compromise?
– We just have to, really. We know that will sound good for us. It’s just a fact that sometimes the idea we’re influenced by comes from a different area than someone in the band might listen to. But we as a band come to a decision as a majority really. We wanna a song to sound the best it can sound. When it comes to it, we tend to agree on how it should go and it tends to fly that way really.
– Out of so many release which have been coming out in the UK since the beginning of the year, which ones do you like the most?
– Don Broco have just released the album ‘Priorities’ and it got into the Top 40 album chart. It is absolutely amazing, we’ve played with them a number of times. There’s a lot of great underground British music at the moment and I think there’s a lot more to come as well. Mallory Knox release the album next year, that’s gonna be absolutely massive. British music is doing really well at the moment, so fingers crossed we can add to that.
– What is you life motto?
– I don’t know really. It’s our name…  There’s actually quite a lot of things that can be taken from our name. We came up with it because it sounded cool at the time when we formed a band, but it got to be more than that really. Because we’ve had some bad luck in the band  when we’ve had people work with us that have let us down and sometimes people put you down. It’s the case of carrying on and seeing past that, just working hard really. We’ve worked hard and we have had nothing given to us. Everything we’ve done so far, has been a shitload of work and it’ll carry on being a shitload of work as well. I think it’s just a case of keep going, never give up and if you like doing it, then there’s nothing really to stop you.

Never Means Maybe Facebook

Upcoming shows


9th – The Garage – London*


27th – The Underground, Stoke-on-Trent (w/ Soil and Fozzy)

28th – Moho Live, Manchester (w/ Soil and Fozzy)

29th – Academy 2, Birmingham (w/ Soil and Fozzy)

30th – The Arches, Glasgow (w/ Soil and Fozzy)


1st – The Cockpit, Leeds (w/ Soil and Fozzy)

3rd – Avondale House, Southampton*

4th – The White Rabbit, Plymouth (w/ Soil and Fozzy)

5th – Electric Ballroom, Camden (w/ Soil and Fozzy)

6th – Concorde II, Brighton (w/ Soil and Fozzy)

* Never Means Maybe headline show

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