Independent outlook /// Lewis Mckale ‘My Father’s Son’ [EP] 2012

After several attempts to play in different bands, Lewis Mckale decided to make music his own way and on his own, without relying too much on anyone rather than himself. This approach worked out really well for the talented musician. Raised in a very musical environment and inspired by Frank Turner, apart from writing music he works as an actor and directs videos. In November 2011 Lewis Mckale’s EP ‘My Father’s Son’ came out.

‘My Father’s Son’ is a guitar offering where the acoustics play the major part and are joined by the harmonica at times only to make the whole atmosphere more melancholic and soulful. The EP has a very quiet, relaxing feel to it and sparkles with sincerity and honesty: Lewis is absolutely open with his listeners and doesn’t hold anything back. This forms a very special connection with listeners and turns the five tracks comprising the record into five stories that create a deep and frank conversation with those who wil hear. The stripped back sound forms the atmosphere of intimacy and closeness on a very sensitive level with a very delicate, subtle, fragile air. The vocals of Lewis are similarly delicate and are coloured just in the shades vivid enough to transfer the emotions from loudspeakers to people’s hearts.

‘My Father’s Son’ is a truly deep and authentic offering that is kept real and natural, without any oversupply of unnecessary details. If you want to have some quiet, relaxing time, this record is exactly what you need.

Lewis Mckale Facebook

‘Are You Listening?’

‘Where Have You Been?’

‘All Or Nothing’ (Live)


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